Thursday, 18 February 2016

J A Heron: From The HeartA Valentine’s Day AnthologyAll ro...

J A Heron:

From The HeartA Valentine’s Day Anthology
All ro...
: From The Heart A Valentine’s Day Anthology All royalties earned from this collection of short stories will be donated to The Br...

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Valentine's Day Anthology - From the Heart

I've had the honour of working with seven other amazing authors on this fantastic anthology, and am pleased to tell you it's finally live on Amazon and ready for you to read :-D Please go and buy a copy, not just for my short story, but for all the other amazing ones, too! 

All royalties donated to The British Heart Foundation. 

M.B Feeney and L.J Harris–Roll Of The Dice 
A Roll of the Dice leads to . . . fun between Thomas McDonald and Maisie Lewis as they embark on the next stage of their relationship. 
Will they see it through, or will nerves get the better of them? 

Beverley Hollowed–Changing Hearts 
When Logan Bryce met Ella Graham, she became his whole world. Logan thought they would spend the rest of their life together. But when Ella gets sick, Logan has to face the possibility of losing the love of his life. 
As he sits by Ella’s bedside and prays for her to live, he thinks back over their life together, and how they got to where they are today. 
All Logan has left now is hope and a dream that maybe miracles do happen. 

Sarah Elizabeth-Online Valentine 
All I wanted was for him to notice me, but he didn’t even know that I existed … well, not really. 
To him, I was always just Emmy. 
Little Emmy. 
Emmy the freshman. 
Emmy, his best friend’s little sister. 
He never paid me any real attention. At least, he didn’t until the day I decided to become somebody else. 

Laura Morgan–Fly Away 
After years of feeling unhappy and alone, Aria dreams of spreading her wings and flying away. Playing second fiddle to her husband's career was never her idea of a fulfilling life, but she’s too lost in her sea of self-pity to make a change. 
That is, until she meets Dexter Fray. After pursuing his dreams and becoming part of one the world’s hottest boy bands, he’s lost himself in the process. He's lonely and miserable, but so smothered by fame and fortune he can’t make that change either. 
When the pair meet one starry night on a rooftop, they find a kindred lost soul staring back at them in the darkness. A connection is made and their lives start to change, whether they wanted it to or not, and Aria wonders if perhaps Dexter might be the key to helping her find herself again. 
If only it could be quite so easy… 

Kyra Lennon–Sunshine & Surprises 
It was supposed to be the happiest day of Eden’s life. Graduation day, followed by one final summer with no responsibilities. 
When an unexpected pregnancy scuppers her plans, Eden has to break the news to her commitment-phobic boyfriend, Declan. With big decisions to make and Declan pushing her away, Eden’s world crashes around her as she faces not only the prospect of single motherhood, but the knowledge that she may have lost the man she’d waited so long to be with. 
In a bid to stop her life spiralling out of control, Eden has to make some tough choices, but will Declan step up and ease the burden, or will Eden be left – literally – holding the baby? 

RJ Thompson-An exercise in Love 
At 25 Carly was fed up. She was single and the ugly duckling of her group. A night out turns into a disaster and opens her eyes. Giving her the courage to make that change and to be the woman she’s always hidden inside. Andy a personal trainer seeing the woman she really is gives her the push she needs to grab life with both hands and finally be happy and love herself. 

JA Heron-Jersey Girl 
Fun loving Kat and her bezzie Benny, know how to have a good time. But, it’s not always been fun and games in Kat’s life. Circumstances left her with nothing and so far, her time on this planet has been a rough ride. Orphaned after losing both parents and abandoned by her last living relative–her sister. Kat depends on her two closest friends, without whom, she’d probably be sleeping rough on the streets with a bottle of rum in her hands.  

One cold and dreary night, she meets Connor Reeves. He arrives in Jersey to visit his elderly uncle. That’s when her life changes… but it’s not all plain sailing.