Saturday, 30 August 2014

Saturday morning musings...

I've been taking a lot of time out from the actual writing side of this author lark to put some effort into networking and I have to admit that so far it really seems to be paying off. I've met some great fellow authors and avid readers and I've had a good boost in sales, especially for the first novel in my series which is great because then (fingers crossed) if the reader likes it they will then be looking to buy the next one, and so on.

I've gone into this whole self-published-author thing with a very real expectation as to my goals, I know that the viewing public might like, loathe, be unsure or downright uninterested in my work and I'm okay with that. My novels aren't for every one, there are dark themes, the concepts of religion have been completely spun off in crazy angles and I haven't shied away from intense, romantic scenes. I know that not everyone will like it, but I am very grateful for those of you out there who are giving it a try, especially those that send me Facebook messages and comment on my page to let me know how much you have enjoyed them!

I'm keeping on going, the fourth book is pretty much done and so far I'm 65k words into the fifth and final book of the Black Rose series. As a whole the story is a wonder even to me, I truly feel for the characters and put myself in their shoes, I feel their happiness and pain deep in my soul, and hope that it is portrayed in my storytelling.

One thing I know for sure, I'm not stopping! If gothic/paranormal romance isn't for you, keep your eyes open because there's much more up my sleeve to come yet xxx

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Pre-orders now being taken for book 3

I've had a great couple of weeks away, but now I'm on official countdown for the release of book no.3 in my Black Rose series, Forever Darkness and I cannot wait to bring you guys the next instalment in my gothic romance saga.

If you'd like to order, the links are as follows:

Friday, 8 August 2014


Ok, so I need some more likes on my facebook page, it's looking very lonely!
How do you fancy being in with a chance of winning a free one of my ebooks? I'll choose a random facebook liker when I reach 250 likes to my page, and then again at 350 and so on. The winner can choose from either 'Embracing the Darkness' or 'A Slave to the Darkness', or if you already have both then you'll receive a copy of 'Forever Darkness' on release day, Sept 1st.
Sound good? Get liking and sharing sharing :-) xxx