Tuesday, 20 September 2016

FREE - You heard me! Forever Loved is free :-D

Love dark and powerful romance?
Then you need to try Laura Morgan's new story Forever Loved, a follow on from Forever Lost.
Best of all, it's FREE on Amazon for five days from Tuesday!

Leonardo Solomon used to be bad news…
In fact, he still is. A former drug-lord, Leonardo has done so many things wrong he doesn’t know where to begin righting them. He isn’t sure if he even wants to. It’s far easier to just walk away and start a new life. Except there’s one part of his past he can’t get out of his head.
Cassie Taylor has never been able to let him go…
Despite the constant battle Leo faces with the demons from his past, Cassie is determined to finally break down the hard shell of the rebel she can’t resist. It’s them against the world, and Cassie believes their love is strong enough to overcome any obstacle in their path.
If only things were that simple...
The cartel they escaped isn’t finished with them. Cassie must prove that when it comes to the man she loves and the life they’ve built together, nothing and no one will stop her from getting what she wants, to be…
Forever Loved.

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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Dublin signing 8th October - You need to be there! x

I'm so honoured to announce that I will be one of the authors signing in the Claddagh Author Event in Dublin on October 8th 2016. This is a fantastic opportunity and I'm so pleased to have been given the chance to be part of it.
If you can come along, I strongly urge you to, for this seems like it will be an event of epic awesomeness!

You can purchase tickets here:

And join in on Facebook here:

Coming soon, book 3 in my Invasion Day series...

The third book in my dystopian science fiction is now officially on its way :-D

I can't wait to bring you all the next instalment, and would like to offer an official excerpt exclusive to my blog...

“How is he?” Kyra had to ask, and Thrayke frowned. He was used to this question by now, thanks to her having asked almost everyday, but she knew Thrayke still hated her need to enquire after his leader’s wellbeing. Her memories of Kronus and the way he’d once been so affectionate and caring were still with her day and night though and she missed him, as both a friend and as the Thrak who she had idolized since he’d saved her life as a child. Kyra simply couldn’t forget her affection for Kronus, no matter how much it pained her to think of him.
“He’s quiet, reclusive, grumpy, and he’s let his beard grow again. He still rubs it when he’s anxious, which seems to be a lot of the time—despite the success of his mission to Earth.” Thrayke left his food as well and watched Kyra with a sad look on his weary face. “He asked about you and your final days again. I think he misses you. I know he’d never say it, but I believe there’s a tremendous amount of regret hounding him for the way your life went in the end. And how he treated you.”
“How can you tell if he won’t say it though?” she asked, ignoring the iciness rolling off him. 
“Because he looks like I know I would if I’d lost you that day. Like he’s left a part of himself behind, and whether he admits it or not, I know it’s the part of himself he gave to you.” Kyra’s heart pounded harder in her chest.