Monday, 12 December 2016

Little old me... again... talking about the 'incest'... again...

I've been told off yet again about the more taboo parts of my first story by a reader who (or so it appears) hasn't seen very long disclaimer regarding the dark content, but also other reviews stating how taboo/controversial the subject matter is in Embracing the Darkness, and the Black Rose series as a whole. Please understand that while feedback is important, there's no need to be cruel or vicious with your reviews guys. We are all just people too and sometimes you read things that are not for you, but is there really any need to then rip said book to shreds?

I warn you now, if you carry on there are not only spoilers for the first Black Rose novel, but in fact the entire series. I am going to give away part of book five, so click away now if you do not want to know or would prefer to actually experience the many twists and turns I love to throw at faithful readers by reading them for yourself.

You have been warned ;-)

Carry on at your peril.....

Ok, so you are all sure you want this? Let's do it!

Yes, my first novel contains not one, not two, but actually three apparently incestuous relationships. I do not agree with them, but my story demanded it, and there is no trying to change things now. No, I do not have daddy issues, nor do I find it hot to get forced into a relationship with your father - hence the fact that (I'll say again - SPOILER) Cate and Lucifer do not stay together. They are not and never were intended to be a long-standing couple, only the start of the story from an explosive storyline. Their relationship brings about the presence of not only their children (yeah ok, I know it seems weird but bear with me) but also the other stories in the series. The first book lays the foundation for all the others, and the demise of the Cate/Lucifer relationship is also the fundamental push Cate finally needs to take charge of her life and eventually the throne.
A revelation from Lucifer in book five then reveals that Cate and Devin are not actually his children, but his sires. He isn't their father at all, more of a demonic blood donor who gave them their powers directly from the source while in the womb, hence their heightened strengths and powers etc. In the end you discover that Lucifer's only real children are Blake and Luna. incest...ok?

Boom! Did I just blow your mind there? Are we clearer yet? It's a dark and powerful story, and has very taboo themes. Please do not question my sanity or judge me by this one plot point instead of simply taking a breath and carrying on with the story. Can we all please move on and agree that while I did an apparently amazing job of convincing people the devil seduced his daughter, it isn't actually the case in the long-run? There are much darker elements to the stories than the incest, and yet it's the one subject that really seems to stick with many of the readers.

I adore this little series of mine, and while I know controversy is a great way to get noticed, I would like to set the record straight once and for all. It's a tale I wove one day and decided to tell the world. It is to be enjoyed and treated as a world in which we can escape to for some fun, frolics and yes, fucking. Sorry, I couldn't resist!

I love you readers, and want you to stay with me instead of putting the book away in the DNF pile. Please, read it to the end and see for yourself how it turns out.

Love and virtual hugs to each and every one of you. Am I forgiven yet? ;-) xxx

Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Complete Black Rose series is just 99p/99c :-D

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Are you looking for a dark read this Halloween? Then look no further.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

FREE - You heard me! Forever Loved is free :-D

Love dark and powerful romance?
Then you need to try Laura Morgan's new story Forever Loved, a follow on from Forever Lost.
Best of all, it's FREE on Amazon for five days from Tuesday!

Leonardo Solomon used to be bad news…
In fact, he still is. A former drug-lord, Leonardo has done so many things wrong he doesn’t know where to begin righting them. He isn’t sure if he even wants to. It’s far easier to just walk away and start a new life. Except there’s one part of his past he can’t get out of his head.
Cassie Taylor has never been able to let him go…
Despite the constant battle Leo faces with the demons from his past, Cassie is determined to finally break down the hard shell of the rebel she can’t resist. It’s them against the world, and Cassie believes their love is strong enough to overcome any obstacle in their path.
If only things were that simple...
The cartel they escaped isn’t finished with them. Cassie must prove that when it comes to the man she loves and the life they’ve built together, nothing and no one will stop her from getting what she wants, to be…
Forever Loved.

#ForeverLost #ForeverLoved #DarkRomance

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Dublin signing 8th October - You need to be there! x

I'm so honoured to announce that I will be one of the authors signing in the Claddagh Author Event in Dublin on October 8th 2016. This is a fantastic opportunity and I'm so pleased to have been given the chance to be part of it.
If you can come along, I strongly urge you to, for this seems like it will be an event of epic awesomeness!

You can purchase tickets here:

And join in on Facebook here:

Coming soon, book 3 in my Invasion Day series...

The third book in my dystopian science fiction is now officially on its way :-D

I can't wait to bring you all the next instalment, and would like to offer an official excerpt exclusive to my blog...

“How is he?” Kyra had to ask, and Thrayke frowned. He was used to this question by now, thanks to her having asked almost everyday, but she knew Thrayke still hated her need to enquire after his leader’s wellbeing. Her memories of Kronus and the way he’d once been so affectionate and caring were still with her day and night though and she missed him, as both a friend and as the Thrak who she had idolized since he’d saved her life as a child. Kyra simply couldn’t forget her affection for Kronus, no matter how much it pained her to think of him.
“He’s quiet, reclusive, grumpy, and he’s let his beard grow again. He still rubs it when he’s anxious, which seems to be a lot of the time—despite the success of his mission to Earth.” Thrayke left his food as well and watched Kyra with a sad look on his weary face. “He asked about you and your final days again. I think he misses you. I know he’d never say it, but I believe there’s a tremendous amount of regret hounding him for the way your life went in the end. And how he treated you.”
“How can you tell if he won’t say it though?” she asked, ignoring the iciness rolling off him. 
“Because he looks like I know I would if I’d lost you that day. Like he’s left a part of himself behind, and whether he admits it or not, I know it’s the part of himself he gave to you.” Kyra’s heart pounded harder in her chest.

Friday, 19 August 2016

A Cheeky New Teaser!

I've been quiet for a while with all the busy days and lots of signing events on the go, but I haven't forgotten you!

Here's a cheeky little teaser I put together, I hope you like it :-D

You didn't come here looking for sweet and fluffy. You came looking for dark, dangerous and dirty 󾍇

Monday, 11 July 2016

What's the opposite of writers' block?

Because, I think I have it! Honestly, this is no joke... Ok, maybe it is a little funny, but seriously, is this a real thing? It's hard to explain, but I feel like my mind is going 100mph and I haven't got the time to sit and write so I can keep up! 

If I stop to think what I want achieve, I realise I need to have some kind of super computer setup with five screens all working effortlessly together while my hands whizz across the keys at record speed! I want to dip in and out of my various works in progress because my mind seems to be conjuring scenes for simultaneous manuscripts without a care for my sanity! I fall asleep thinking about them and then wake with my mind racing the following morning. 

Perhaps I'm going mad? Or, is it that maybe I'm becoming a truly serious writer at last? Nope, I think I'm going crazy, hahahaha!!!! 

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Go get my new freebie...

Yay! It's FREE!!!  

On Amazon UK and US now. An incredibly dark romance that is just a taste of what comes years later with the Black Rose series... 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

You've got to try this out :-)

Wow, check out this feature on Amazon that lets you have an easy preview of any of their titles. Here's one for Humankind, so feel free to have a little try before you buy :-) 

Monday, 13 June 2016

J A Heron: RomancingThe WordTamworthLiterary Festival 11th J...

J A Heron:
RomancingThe WordTamworthLiterary Festival 11th J...
: Romancing The Word Tamworth Literary Festival 11 th June 2016 First of all, I have a special thank you to my daughter Shelby and...

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Please go and support my Thunderclap campaign!

Please, please, please go and give your support to my campaign to get Autonomy the release day exposure I'm sure you'll all agree it deserves :-D

 I'm beyond excited to be bringing you the next instalment in the Invasion Day series, and I hope you're as excited as I am?

Here's the all important link:

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Ladies Living in Bookland: L.C. Morgan - Humankind (Invasion Day, #1)

Ladies Living in Bookland: L.C. Morgan - Humankind (Invasion Day, #1): **Review by Susan “The human race will ultimately be responsible for its own demise. It is with great certainty that I alert you of th...

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

More Sci-Fi goodness on its way...

I'm beyond excited to be bringing you another instalment of the Invasion Day series! The second novel, Autonomy will be hitting the shelves on 4th June 2016 and I can't wait to bring you all more of Kyra's incredible tale :-D 

Available to pre-order at:

Go add it to your TBR lists now:

Update 4th May...
Here we go! cover and blurb reveal as promised <3 x

Thursday, 18 February 2016

J A Heron: From The HeartA Valentine’s Day AnthologyAll ro...

J A Heron:

From The HeartA Valentine’s Day Anthology
All ro...
: From The Heart A Valentine’s Day Anthology All royalties earned from this collection of short stories will be donated to The Br...

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Valentine's Day Anthology - From the Heart

I've had the honour of working with seven other amazing authors on this fantastic anthology, and am pleased to tell you it's finally live on Amazon and ready for you to read :-D Please go and buy a copy, not just for my short story, but for all the other amazing ones, too! 

All royalties donated to The British Heart Foundation. 

M.B Feeney and L.J Harris–Roll Of The Dice 
A Roll of the Dice leads to . . . fun between Thomas McDonald and Maisie Lewis as they embark on the next stage of their relationship. 
Will they see it through, or will nerves get the better of them? 

Beverley Hollowed–Changing Hearts 
When Logan Bryce met Ella Graham, she became his whole world. Logan thought they would spend the rest of their life together. But when Ella gets sick, Logan has to face the possibility of losing the love of his life. 
As he sits by Ella’s bedside and prays for her to live, he thinks back over their life together, and how they got to where they are today. 
All Logan has left now is hope and a dream that maybe miracles do happen. 

Sarah Elizabeth-Online Valentine 
All I wanted was for him to notice me, but he didn’t even know that I existed … well, not really. 
To him, I was always just Emmy. 
Little Emmy. 
Emmy the freshman. 
Emmy, his best friend’s little sister. 
He never paid me any real attention. At least, he didn’t until the day I decided to become somebody else. 

Laura Morgan–Fly Away 
After years of feeling unhappy and alone, Aria dreams of spreading her wings and flying away. Playing second fiddle to her husband's career was never her idea of a fulfilling life, but she’s too lost in her sea of self-pity to make a change. 
That is, until she meets Dexter Fray. After pursuing his dreams and becoming part of one the world’s hottest boy bands, he’s lost himself in the process. He's lonely and miserable, but so smothered by fame and fortune he can’t make that change either. 
When the pair meet one starry night on a rooftop, they find a kindred lost soul staring back at them in the darkness. A connection is made and their lives start to change, whether they wanted it to or not, and Aria wonders if perhaps Dexter might be the key to helping her find herself again. 
If only it could be quite so easy… 

Kyra Lennon–Sunshine & Surprises 
It was supposed to be the happiest day of Eden’s life. Graduation day, followed by one final summer with no responsibilities. 
When an unexpected pregnancy scuppers her plans, Eden has to break the news to her commitment-phobic boyfriend, Declan. With big decisions to make and Declan pushing her away, Eden’s world crashes around her as she faces not only the prospect of single motherhood, but the knowledge that she may have lost the man she’d waited so long to be with. 
In a bid to stop her life spiralling out of control, Eden has to make some tough choices, but will Declan step up and ease the burden, or will Eden be left – literally – holding the baby? 

RJ Thompson-An exercise in Love 
At 25 Carly was fed up. She was single and the ugly duckling of her group. A night out turns into a disaster and opens her eyes. Giving her the courage to make that change and to be the woman she’s always hidden inside. Andy a personal trainer seeing the woman she really is gives her the push she needs to grab life with both hands and finally be happy and love herself. 

JA Heron-Jersey Girl 
Fun loving Kat and her bezzie Benny, know how to have a good time. But, it’s not always been fun and games in Kat’s life. Circumstances left her with nothing and so far, her time on this planet has been a rough ride. Orphaned after losing both parents and abandoned by her last living relative–her sister. Kat depends on her two closest friends, without whom, she’d probably be sleeping rough on the streets with a bottle of rum in her hands.  

One cold and dreary night, she meets Connor Reeves. He arrives in Jersey to visit his elderly uncle. That’s when her life changes… but it’s not all plain sailing. 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Weird things writers say and do

I've been getting more and more blank stares since delving into the world of storytelling and publishing, and have been giggling to myself about a few today so thought I'd share them...

1. We say weird things as and when they pop into our heads, pull out notebooks mid-conversation and ask random questions in search of our next plot twist. 

2. We use unusual terminology to describe ourselves and our work rather than just saying 'I write books.' We say things like - 'Alpha male,' 'Book hangover,' 'Indie rather than Traditional,' 'Hybrid authors,' 'Hosted a takeover.'

3. Our word power has increased so much we think it's okay to throw long and strange words into everyday conversation.

4. When we started out the very idea of coming across as weird was the last thing we wanted, by the end of our first year we embrace the stereotype and downright enjoy it!

5. We talk about our current story in terms that only other bookie people understand. "I wrote 3k of my WIP today." "Working on the conflict resolution before the HAE."

6. We constantly have to remind our friends that they aren't going to make it into our next novel. Seriously, I don't know why you think I'm lacking in inspiration, but your story of your husband farting and burping before propositioning you is NOT what makes for a 'real' romance novel :-D

7. When we daydream, we're working! Strange as it is, we work day and night at our craft. My dreams often feature in my storylines, and there's no such thing as insomnia as I simply see those 4am random wakeups as brainstorming time!

8. We cry or break a little inside when we receive our first negative reviews, and then suddenly transition to not caring about that one persons opinion and focussing on the numerous who loved the book. Experienced authors told us so from day1, but it still takes time to get there by ourselves, and when it happens it is truly liberating. 

9. We spend hours looking for the perfect quotes to post online because we're procrastinating. It's usually when we're too tired or lacking in inspiration to write, or because we're on the toilet! 

10. We love it when people contact us about our books. Don't ever be scared to come across as too strong (unless you're messaging every 5minutes or offering to show us your body parts) because it really makes our day.  If you loved a book, review it and like the author's page, message them and tell them why you liked it. Start a conversation and join their groups or express an interest in them, because you might just get the offer of an ARC for their next book! Authors spend a great deal of time supporting one another, and when our readers show real support for our work they are like diamonds in the sea of stones. We cherish them and keep them close x

I hope you've enjoyed this fun post, I loved putting it together! x

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

I'm gonna break your heart...

So, better late than never, Happy New Year :-D 

I've been working hard on a follow up to Forever Lost and am so close it's unreal, eek! 

And now, I feel the need to talk to someone about where I'm at! Around a year ago I wrote a scene that broke my heart so badly I cried the entire way through it. For the first time in my writing career, I'd started a book by writing the climactic ending first, and boy did it do a number on me. 

I then spent months writing the build up to it, and yet never once read that scene back again because I knew it was something that'd break my heart all over again...Today I reached the point where that scene began, and read it over. 

All I can say is I'm sorry, but it looks like I'm gonna be in a some of your bad books after one! Forever Lost's sequel will certainly be a shocker ;-) x