Friday, 27 March 2015

Song Lyrics in books

So, when you read a book and the author has written in some song lyrics, do you like them or loathe them? Can you go as far as imagining the tune in you're head or simply read it as a poem?
I ask because I've done it a few times now, and have added a short song to my work in progress. I love doing it, and can imagine the singer so clearly in my mind as well as the tune. I know if it's a rock, pop, acoustic or club song, and I know how it fits in with my storyline, but do the readers?
Here are a few of my lyrics, and I must add that they are 100% my own creation. They have neither been influenced or copied from other songs.

From A Slave to the Darkness: Book2 in the Black Rose series -
“I'll follow you forever, through the darkest nights and darker days.

No need to compromise, join me in the shadows.
Your darkness is no burden, I'll carry its weight in my soul.
Never apologise, just make sure your soul obeys.
I'll follow you forever, just say yes.”

And the same song was then later revamped. From A Light in the Darkness: Book5 in the Black Rose series - 

“I'll follow you forever, but forever isn’t long enough.
No need to compromise, be mine and make me whole.
Your sins are no burden, I'll carry them in my soul.
Tell me we’re there, together in our own paradise.
Lead me in the light and I’ll lead you through the darkness.
I'll follow you forever, just say yes.”

From Fly Away - A short story to be included in an upcoming anthology -

“There’s a girl for me, but she can’t be mine.
I don’t wanna keep away, ‘cos she’s on my mind.
Love is powerful, it's sheer agony. But it’s the only way I can breathe, the only way I can be.
I’m hopeless without you, why can’t you see?
Spread your wings and fly. Fly away with me.
Help me soar, let me be the sun on your face and the one you adore.
Spread your wings and fly to me.
Will you let me hold you? Will you be mine?
Can we fly away together, until the end of time?”

As always, these lyrics are written by Laura Morgan, and copyright protected.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Signings galore.....Starting with Birmingham, UK - July 18th 2015

Ok, so I've been putting my name down for every signing I can get my hands on :-) These amazing opportunities are only out there if we grab them and go for it, so that's what I intend to do!

The diary for 2016 is looking fab, but first and foremost, we've got the amazing Second City Signing event in Birmingham, UK in July. Myself and a whole bunch of amazing authors will be there, so please pop along and say hi! There will be lots of opportunities to meet and get photos with the authors, as well as win prizes and take home some fantastic free promotional items from everyone involved. So, even if you don't want to go home with a huge bag of books, it's well worth a day out :-)

You can buy tickets at:

Join the Facebook group here:

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A little bit of Flash Fiction

Hi everyone,
I thought I'd share a teeny little tale I wrote last year, just because it's sat here on my laptop doing nothing but wait, so I thought I'd share it with the world :-)
I hope you like the little tidbit into my brain and the very dark places I can go to (as if you guys didn't know that already lol.) Let me know what you think, enjoy!


The Monster -  

I am a modern day monster. I look like you, I act like you, and yet underneath my armour of ordinary and my disguise of the smile, my blood is poison and my heart is made of stone. No one ever sees me coming and then when they are too swept up in themselves to notice, I turn their lives upside down and walk away with my head held high and my heart a little darker. 
And yet, I yearn for a connection, a dark passion, a beauty for the beast who lives within these layers of flesh and bone.
I want somebody to know who I am and love me regardless. But, until then I will dominate my pain and I will hide it away. I will smile, I will blend in, and all the while I will maintain my armour of ordinary. I will pretend for as long as it takes, because I hope the stories are true. I wish the beast within can someday be loved by the beauty that sees its soul and doesn't run away in fear. 
I just cannot believe it.
The world is ugly, the world is cruel and it is full of cruel and ugly people.
Perhaps, after all, I am not the beast in this dark tale?
Perhaps I am the beauty and the world is the unloved beast? This life is the monster I cannot bear to hold, taste, touch and love?


(This is my own, 100% original work of fiction, and is copyrighted to me, Laura Morgan. Any copying or use outside of this blog is only allowed with express permission by me, otherwise is an infringement of copyright law. Please don't be a douchebag and try to steal it or rewrite it as your own, it's happened before and it's just not cool!)