Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Eagerly waiting......

I'm over the moon, my first novel is complete, edited and as polished as I can get it, and now I have to sit back and impatiently await word from the literary agents i have sent submissions to. Now, do I jump the gun and self-publish on the kindle store to try and get the story out there into the big wide world? Or do I be a good girl and wait, I just can't decide at the moment, so for now i have printed of my pages and given them to three avid readers, so far all of them have come back with fantastic reviews, having loved the twists and turns, as well my writing style and storyline, which has obviously left me walking on air!
And so, I sit, I wait, I twiddle my thumbs in sweet anticipation of that blessed reply..........

Monday, 2 December 2013

Romance vs Erotica?

I've been wondering, where is the line between romance and erotic fiction? I want to write romantic fiction, but does that mean I can only write about the build up to the sexual parts, and then full stop, next chapter? I wouldn't deem my writing as erotic either because i do not have the imagination for the deep, sordid details, and i have to admit i just love the fantasy of the act rather than to add too many intricate, sexual details. I enjoy the lure, the seduction and the build up as well as writing about the act itself and the afterglow.  
When I am writing, I imagine the characters completely, their bodies and their reactions to one another as though it is happening to me, resulting in many a sordid thought or two and can be guilty of wanting to let off some steam after writing a particularly sexy part of my books, but can't we all be guilty of doing that after reading sex scenes in modern romance books? 
In this day and age thanks to EL James and Sylvia Day, the romance genre is much more used to the finer details, the darker, wilder elements of our sexual experimentations and fantasies, and I think it is better for it.
Perhaps my questions won't be answered, perhaps the readers will be the ones who decide!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Where to start…...

Well, how do I actually start with a blog? Where do we go from here? I suppose, a bit about myself might be a good place, but I don't feel like I'm ready to get all personal just yet.

I will say, however, that I want to write. I've always wanted to, I've just never been able to put things from my brain to the page as eloquently as I wanted to. It took me until this year to finally try, and that was because a story just wouldn't go away, I have a system, you see.

I think up my story, laying out the characters and plots, and I live it. In my head. It's strange, maybe even mentally unstable, I presume some might say that I'm unhappy with my own life and that's why I think up these crazy, fun, sexy and sometimes outrageous lives and live them, in my own head. I've always done it, I remember as a child telling myself stories to fall asleep at night, it would stop my brain worrying and processing all the stuff it does, we all do it, climb into bed exhausted and then your brain won't let you switch off, and it takes you ages to drift off.

Well, telling myself a story has me fast off in minutes. The system works! The problem is that sometimes I become so engrossed in a story I convince myself I need an early night, or take an extra long nap just so I can go back and think up some more, carry on with the world inside my head. It's only this year that I've forced myself to write it out rather than just think it, or allow myself to get to a certain point in the story and then re-tell it, promising myself that I will write it down when I get up. And that's what I've been doing, writing, at last!