Thursday, 8 October 2015

I love aliens... there, I said it!

Ok, so despite the odd title, this blog post is actually a very serious matter. And anyway, you should know to expect nothing but sheer quirk from me nowadays!

Since creating my new story, Humankind, I've grown such an attachment to the powerful alpha-male Thrakorian characters I've created along the way that I'm beginning to worry if I can ever love a human ever again. It's serious... Is there a name for this extra-terrestrial fettish I'm developing?

Not just King Kronus, the icy sex-god who keeps us all guessing, but also the gorgeous Thrayke. I'm in love with that guy, and feel the need to move away from the YA novels temporarily so I can write a cheeky erotic novella about all the things I left unsaid in the original novel.

Yes, Humankind is suitable for all ages so contains no explicit scenes, but it doesn't stop me from falling head over heels in love with these beautiful men!

I really do have a problem, and it's one I'm not sure I want helping with...

Thanks for reading my strange ramblings, and if you want to see what on earth I'm rambling on about, check it out here:

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